Aloha Glassing

14471 Edwards Street, Westminster, CA 92683

Phone: 714-894-4455

22 Responses to “Contact”
  1. Mike Crockett says:

    Hi Steve,

    I was wondering if it’s possible to put polish on a sanded board? I bought a sanded paddle board I think I’d like it better glossy. Do you do this? What would it cost? The board is 11’6


  2. Neal Sumner ONE surfboards says:

    Want to rent a shaping and glassing space from you for tomorrow.919-291-6833

  3. Steve,

    Neal Sumner w/ONE surfboards. We’ve had to move our schedules for shaping and glassing to Thursday
    and Friday. Will you still be able to accomodate us, for the shaping bay, and materials for glassing, and fees to allow us to glass?

    Secondly, I may not be able to come up with the guys so I wanted to know, if I could go ahead and pay you with
    a credit card for both days, materials and fees, or if you prefer I can send up a check. My preference is CC, but I’m good with what works best for your program!

    We will be making changes to a 9’0″ epoxy blank we had sent the blank up to Mike M. We will be basically modifying the bottom to test our new design. We will probably purchase a blank from next door @ FoamEZ, unless you sell blanks, possibly PU instead to simplify…we need to build another prototype design, which we will have to make some cuts into the 9’0″, think you’ll dig both shapes.

    So if you wouldn’t mind letting me know if you can accomodate us and we’ll go ahead and plan on a early AM arrival Thursday, and then back again on Friday. Let me know if you have and prefer I purchase a 9’0″ PU from you, otherwise I’ll get it from FoamEZ, and have them trek it over later today?

    Thanks…very much for the extra accomodations, allowing us in the glassing area! We’ve a great glasser, and if he ends up out in our west coast office, he may want to jump in and glass a few, if you ever get into crunch time. He loves to glass, and we’ll be taking him out of that day to day, so he’d probably jump at a chance to get his hands dirty, if you like the way he works. Good guy…Zach Thompson (Brad Kelly will be there also)

    (919) 291-6833

  4. Steve,
    Super awesome glassing my board. People don’t want me to put it in the water.
    Thank you so much,
    Eric Becktell
    /Users/ericbecktell/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2011/Feb 26, 2011_3/IMG00084-20110226-1641.jpg

  5. marcus gray says:

    Could you give me a price to glass a 6’5” short board
    using 1 layer 4oz s glass on the bottom ,
    using 2 layers 4oz s glass on top
    small leash cup
    glass on fins (3) I will supply, I can also supply the 4oz s glass if you don’t have it.
    I also would like a gloss coat applied, but no need to rub out and polish, I will do that.
    It has been very hard to find someone who can apply a gloss coat very well.

  6. Aaron Arce says:

    What does the shop open? I need repairs done on my son’s board. I’d like to drop the board off in the early morning on the way to work.

  7. Temple says:

    Hi there! I can’t seem to make it to the store Bf everyone is gone. I drive past your place everyday but work in Downey so it’s usually after closing by the time I get back down. I’m hoping maybe you could help me via email?
    I’m getting married in Nov and thought it’d be really cool to have everyone sign a surfboard instead of a guestbook or picture map/frame. But- I really don’t know how to go about this. Should it be signed & then glassed? Or could it be signed after? My vision is that it will prob be hung on display in our home, but itd be pretty cool to actually use it too. We usually both longboard but I don’t think there’s enough left in the budget for that (?), as well as it’d be harder to display in our small home.
    Can you give me any info on something like this? Is it possible, what  might it cost, any suggestions or ideas? Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!!
    Temple Cowden

    • salbin says:

      Hi Temple,

      Sorry for the late response.. I hope I’ve caught you before you’ve tied the knot! A finished board is best, an old board can be used as well (make sure it’s clean and clear of wax). Also make sure your using a posca pen, these pens don’t smear when glossed over.



  8. brett says:

    Hello, My name is brett. I’m interested in some contract glassing. when you have time give me a call or email. It would be great to come by to meet you and show you some of my boards. (941-374-0945) or thanks

  9. Don Sheridan says:

    Thanks for letting me ride your board today. Who shaped it? I would like to contact
    him and get one made, have you glass it. Great meeting you. Hopefully we’ll be in
    touch soon,


  10. Becky says:

    Do you teach how to shape? My husband has always wanted to learn and I’m looking Into it for his birthday.

    • salbin says:

      Hi Becky,

      Why don’t you give me a call at the shop so, I can talk a little more about this with you.

      714) 894-4455

  11. Jeff says:

    Hi my name its Jeffery Thompson
    I’m interested in a custom high performance long board. That has enough rocker for steep waves but still capable of nose riding. Gloss finish, squah tail. Wood Tail block. Try fin. Tri ban stringer.
    I was wondering if you could give me a price quote.
    My name Jeffery Thompson
    My e mail
    Phone # (760)887-2087
    Thank you very much.

    • salbin says:

      Hi Jeffery,

      Thanks for the inquiry.. I need a little more info from you to give you an accurate quote. You can call me at 714-894-4455 or stop by the shop at 14471 Edwards Street, Westminster 92683. We also have a lot of nice high performance long boards on the showroom floor for you to look at.

      Thank you,

      Steve Albin

  12. Jeff Cardona says:

    Have a board or 2 that I’m looking for repair pricing to see if it’s worth it etc. Can I just send you some pics?

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