Diversity, Experience and Quality – The History is in the Hands!

Thinking about where you should get your next custom shaped? Here’s an idea.. Between the two of these guys, you can get any shape that you can think up using their experienced hands and open minds. Whether its a new shortboard, a vintage style log, Bonzer, Fish, Planing hull, kneeboard or paipo..these guys can get it done..

Matt Bettis:

Veteran shaper of over 30 years..

Currently shaping for Windansea, Surfboards By Phil,  Robert August, Bettis and YOU (yes that means you)

Mike Minchinton

Over 40 years of shaping and board building experience

Mike has shaped for Corky Carroll, Alex Knost, Brian Anderson, Josh Mohr, Paul Strauch, Wingnut, Miki Dora, Joey Hawkins, Mary Osbourne Mike Doyle, Lance Carson and a host of other professional and well known surfers..

Mike is Currently shaping for Robert August (head shaper for over 21 years), the Vintage, Windansea, Minchington Surfboards and YOU!

Summer is here.. Get your new stick started. Call or come down for a visit to discuss your dream board while the sun is out and the water is warm!


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