Aloha Land

Welcome to the new online home for Aloha Glassing. For those who may already know of us, thank you for continuing to continuing to be part of what we do.. To those who are  stopping by for the first time, here is a small sample of what we do here at aloha:

Full Service Surfboard Glassing

Surfboard Repair and Restoration

“Shape It Yourself”  Shaping Bay (Free shaping bay rental when you glass at Aloha)

Retail Showroom with new Boards as well as All the Esscentials including Fins, Bags, Leashes, Wax and Aloha Branded Clothing..

We also support long standing tradtion and deep heritage in surfboard manufacturing – Through Veteran Craftsman such as:

Robert August…

Matt Bettis…

Mike Minchington…

Dewey Weber…. and many others..

If you need it Glassed or Fixed. If you want a great new board made  by veteran hands, or if you want to make it yourself.. Stop by or give us a call..

3 Responses to “Aloha Land”
  1. Dano says:

    IS MY BOARD DONE ! REALLY nice website Steve, more photo’s of the magical glassing ! Dante

  2. Christian says:

    I have a 5’6″ epoxy board which has a chipped nose (pretty minor) that I want fixed but the main problem is the FCS X-2 plugs have cracks where the 2 side fins go. I use pretty big fins on this board (MR TFX) so it was bound to happen…I wanted to get an estimate from you guys. Thank you.

    Christian B.

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